February 8, 2012

Say Hello to our Little Friends...

Africa and Indonesia share one of our favorite forms of wildlife- the gecko. 

The big dog used to rush 'em and scared all but the tiniest ones out of our house in Africa, but he's no longer with us, and the other dog doesn't even see them.  

So our Indonesian geckos have free run of the house and provide us endless seconds of entertainment while eating mosquitoes.  They are the perfect house pet.

They feed themselves, don't need to be kenneled, don't need vet care, and come in all sizes and colors.  

Sometimes they get closer to my food than I would perhaps prefer, but they have never filched any, so I suppose it's all in your perspective.

This guy is about average, although they get a little bigger and they get a lot smaller.  We have seen some that are about half the size of a bobby pin with legs. 

They hang on our walls and doors all over the house, inside and out.  At any given time, I can usually find at least half a dozen if I look, but we rarely notice them unless they are running or we are bored.  

I am not looking forward to the day one (or more) explores our bed -that happened one time in Africa and I almost broke a leg trying to get back out from under the covers- but otherwise, we are fond of them and will miss them when we leave the tropics.