July 20, 2010

Selamat Datang

Apa kabar everyone! 

We are preparing to move to Indonesia around Labor Day, and I wanted to get this set up before the moving insanity began in earnest. 

As you have no doubt noticed already, we won't have it easy this time language wise... we will be learning Bahasa Indonesia and I'll be dragging you along whether you want to learn it or not. :-) Selamat Datang means Welcome and it counts whether you are here for the first time or are an old friend from An American in Africa days.

We have our home in Jakarta already leased and Ted is there right now working by day and test driving the house by night.

It is a new construction home, so there are kinks to work out, but Ted spent his first night there last night and so far so good.  He will remain a few more weeks, then come home so we can get Cooper settled at Northern Michigan University, and then pack our stuff into those familiar sea containers and head on down the (ocean) road again.

This is a really bad shot of our house from the back yard at night, but it's a good metaphor for our slightly fuzzy but very attractive new life. As it de-fuzzes, (or gets even more murky!) I'll write about it here, so come along for the ride.

Mark your calendars and I'll be back in September!  Selamat tinggal.