January 1, 2011

New Year's Fish!

Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2011, and fair warning- if you have a hangover, you might want to save this blog for later...

Our family outing for the first part of New Year's Eve was to head out to our local Fish Spa Therapy center.

That's right- Fish Spa.

Tiny little fish from the Carp family lie in wait in pools of clear water until you stick your legs in the water and then they attack you from all sides and begin exfoliating your skin.  

Like this...

It tickles at first.  Then it starts to feel like you have your feet in a carbonated beverage that won't stop bubbling.  When you lift your feet out, they all just swim to new feet.  And you lift your feet out a lot, since it feels really strange and they won't stop swimming between your toes and it's hard to stop laughing.

Here's Ted, with his arm sticker telling how long we get to stay...

We got 20 minutes for about $17 for the three of us.

It was worth twice that.

First they washed our feet and calves, then we were given cushions to put on the bench in a private pool just for the three of us and fun began. 

This was the view from our poolside seats...

and it was everything the brochure promised.

"Natural exfoliation...micro masssage from the little masseurs...release stress and tension...perpetual laughter."

Then the guy came and asked us if we wanted the "bigger fish" and I was the only one who said yes!

So while my big strong men stayed with the little fish and giggled, I moved about four feet away and stuck my legs in the new pond full of Woman Eating Fish (technically true, although they only eat a micro dot at a time- theoretically I could have been gobbled up completely given enough time).

I was alone in the new pond and this is what happened...

Ignoring my renewed giggles of excrutiation, Coop relaxed with the original attack fish.

You can see how concerned he was for my safety.

We all agreed that Fish Spa Therapy is going to become a regular beauty routine.

Anything this funny that's good for you is a no brainer.

And now the best part- we might go for broke next New Year's.

They will give you a full body fish attack for under $30 bucks, and we have a full year to screw up our courage.

1 comment:

Barbara said...

lol... I had to chuckle at the pix and the story. Truth be told, I'm a bit of a wuss, I could not have done it, it's giving me the heebie jeebies thinking of it. Nor could Alex, for that matter, who just a week ago at the lake had a leech sucking at her ankle from a scab that had fallen off. Oy, the drama of that!

What a story Coop will have to tell his friends back at the dorm. ;-)

Afehyia pa, my friend!