January 17, 2011

Little Bits 1.1

Two holiday notes and a nature corner...

First a store window from a local mall that had absolutely no relation to the store contents or name. 

And it's doubly funny if you know my skinny, practical guy.  Apparently he has a secret life...

Second, a shot of our NYE horns.  These were available everywhere in Jakarta on the roadside, for between $3 and $5 each.  They play a single note, and we love them!  We saved these and are getting more next year (notably a silver french horn and blue tuba), so come visit and you can have one too!

[note from the dog: "If you spot my feet and think they are 'cute', please note that I am 46 lbs. of lean mean coward, and I'll bark you from here to Singapore if you scare me enough."]

And finally, an Indonesian tree frog that stuck to our bedroom window one night.  

He looked so interesting from a distance, but then I got close enough to see he wasn't really all that exotic.  

This is my shot of him before he became a traumatized, abused tree frog. 

He foolishly jumped into the grass to evade me and my camera which caused me to accidentally flip him onto the porch umbrella from whence he splatted onto the deck before escaping, dazed, never to be seen again.   

Tree frog is kodok pohon (all the Os are long).  And now you know more Bahasa Indonesia.

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Sharifah Nur Jahan said...

omg...isn't that a sousaphone and two saxophone? how much will it cost in malaysian ringgit?