October 11, 2010

Fun (Useless) Facts

There is a fast food chain in the U.S. that sells chicken.  It's not as ubiquitous as KFC or even Popeyes so some of you may not even have heard of it.  

But for whatever reason, since we've never eaten there, we know the restaurant  and we were puzzled when the logo popped up in Indonesia.  

It's the same logo, but a different name.  And we spent way too much time trying to figure out what restaurant it was whenever we passed the sign.  

Now it's your turn. Sorry for the photo quality, but it was taken from a moving car. 

If you have seen this logo, try to remember the name of the restaurant in the U.S.  (hint: we believe the name change has to do with a major cultural difference between the two countries)

(Play the thinking song from Final Jeopardy in your head while you ponder.)

Time is up!  

Here is the logo for the U.S. chain:

Ta da!  

We suppose they were trying not to alienate their Muslim customers.  Because really- would you rush into a restaurant called Mosque's Chicken?  Probably not.  :-)

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Isaac said...

Hi Leanne,

I was reading your older blog about your travels in Africa, and found your post on African beads informative, and well...fascinating :)

I had a personal question I wanted to ask you. Do you have an email address I could contact you at?